July 17 - August 23, 2014

Curated by Ethan Karp of OK Harris

Gina Minichino, Kiss, 2011, Oil on panel, 9.75 x 9.75 inches

Gina Minichino, Kiss, 2011, Oil on panel, 9.75 x 9.75 inches

Featuring the work of: 
Mary Ellen Johnson, Romain E., Arthur K. Miller, Gina Minichino, Roger Watt, and Ron Weis


The Curator Gallery is pleased to present Verisimilitude, a group exhibition featuring six realist painters. Curated by Ethan Karp, the former Associate Director of OK Harris, this show is to be Ethan’s final bow to the New York City art scene. The show opens to the public on Thursday, July 17th, and runs through Saturday, August 23rd.

Ethan Karp brought together six of OK Harris’s realist painters: Mary Ellen Johnson, Romain E., Arthur K. Miller, Gina Minichino, Roger Watt, and Ron Weis. These artists are united not just by their technical skills, but also by their ability to see the inherent charm in mundane subjects. Gina Minichino paints small-scale still lifes of classical American food items, capturing everything from Wonder Bread to Hershey Kisses in a nostalgic, tranquil mood. Mary Ellen Johnson paints decadent desserts on a large scale, exploring the emotional connection people have with food. Both Roger Watt and Ron Weis find beauty in commonplace objects or scenes that are often overlooked. Roger Watt’s graphite drawings explore the effects of light on industrial metal, while Ron Weis’ oil paintings bring piles of autumn leaves to life with rich, saturated colors. Romain E. uses mixed media to achieve an aesthetic close to photography, creating idealized American scenes along the route he travels. Arthur K. Miller draws on iconic pop culture imagery from the 1930s, bringing stars back to life in what he calls “fabricated antiquity”.

Ethan Karp was the Associate Director of OK Harris, one of the oldest and largest galleries in SoHo. In the late 1960s, Photorealism emerged as a major art movement, stemming from the success of Pop Art. Ivan Karp, who was heavily involved in the Pop Art movement while Director of the Leo Castelli Gallery, opened his own gallery, OK Harris, in 1969. For more than four decades, Ivan helped to launch the careers of many of today’s well-known modern artists. After his passing in 2012, the gallery continued in its original spirit until April of this year when OK Harris exhibited its last show.

The Curator Gallery is a fine art gallery located at the 23rd Street entrance to the High Line in Chelsea, New York’s well-known art district. Using guest curators, the gallery exhibits works on paper, paintings, photography, and sculpture by emerging and mid-career artists in solo and group shows. Founded and underwritten by Ann S. Moore, the retired Chairman and CEO of Time Inc., the Gallery’s mission is to bring exposure to hardworking artists, as well as to educate and expand the pool of engaged, serious collectors. Ann is thrilled to collaborate with Ethan, as she bought her first major painting, a work by Ralph Goings, from OK Harris in 1995.