JANUARY 12 - FEBRUARY 18, 2017

New York, NY – The Curator Gallery is pleased to present two exhibitions - Places to Be: New Paintings by Steven Alexander and Artists of the Year, a group show featuring the gallery’s five most popular artists of 2016.       

Places to Be is Steven Alexander’s third time exhibiting at The Curator Gallery – and his first solo exhibition.  In his new body of work, Alexander continues his decades-long exploration of the language of abstract painting. Moving ever deeper into the nuances of visual form, his work is a metaphorical speculation about the nature of being in the world.

Employing a variety of deceptively simple geometric configurations, Steven Alexander constructs undulating color situations and ambiguous presences that radiate out into the viewer's space. The paintings are built of multiple thin layers of color that create a smooth translucent surface infused with undertones and overtones. Shapes are placed side by side to form color chords that reference the history of painting, and echo the viewer's gaze.

The exhibition title, Places To Be, refers to the artist's interest in the interaction between the painting and the viewer, and in the painting's ability to embody unspecified mobile meaning. Alexander's paintings operate as catalysts to dislodge the viewer's consciousness from its day-to-day pattern. They create new "places" in the world for the viewer's imagination to wonder, reflect, or be still -- potential states of being, embodied in paint.

Steven Alexander has previously shown at The Curator Gallery in 2015’s Some Assembly Required, curated by Mark Wethli as well as in 2016’s Artists of the Year exhibition.

This year’s Artists of the Year features the work of Sonjie Feliciano Solomon, Clint Fulkerson, Gay Gaddis, Ken Hiratsuka, and Kacper Kowalski. 

Sonjie Feliciano Solomon combines the worlds of design, art and craft to create ephemeral works of acrylic on plexiglass. Industrial design principles and tools form the basis of a rigid, calculated design process that the artist then juxtaposes with more spontaneous, natural elements (like painting with water), to yield a softer, organic, emotional result.  Feliciano Solomon’s work was exhibited in 2016’s Femmes Fortes, a show of six women artists.

Clint Fulkerson has exhibited his works of ink on paper and panel in three previous shows at the gallery.  In this year’s Artists of the Year, Clint is showing works in a new medium ­– acrylic on canvas.  As a result of his participation in the gallery’s first show, Second Nature, Clint was commissioned to create an installation at Facebook’s New York headquarters.

Gay Gaddis’s 2016 exhibition Sky Descending, curated by Rebecca Michelman, was the artist’s first solo show. Featuring over 20 landscape paintings, all painted on Gaddis’s Texas ranch, Sky Descending explored the changing weather in the Texas hills.  Artists of the Year includes a selection of Gaddis’s newest Texas landscapes. In addition to being an artist, Gaddis is the Founder and CEO of T3, the country’s largest advertising agency owned by a woman.

During the 1980’s, street artist Ken Hiratsuka carved nearly 40 New York City sidewalks.  In 2016’s group exhibition Out of Exile: NYC Street Art Pioneers, the gallery exhibited Hiratsuka’s recent carved stone sculptures.  One of the founding members of The Rivington School, Hiratsuka has carved stones in natural settings all over the world. 

Polish aerial photographer Kacper Kowalski flies in a paraglider to capture the world from 500 feet above.  Kowalski has had two solo exhibitions at The Curator Gallery – 2015’s Above & Beyond and 2016’s Fade to White, both curated by Bill Shapiro.  Kowalski’s photographs have been honored by World Press Photo and Picture of the Year International. 

The Curator Gallery is a fine art gallery in Chelsea founded and underwritten by Ann S. Moore, the retired Chairman and CEO of Time Inc.  The gallery’s mission is to give exposure to hardworking artists, as well as to educate and expand the pool of serious, engaged collectors.  The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

For more information, please contact Natalie Barkus at The Curator Gallery, or (212) 243-1806