Born in Brooklyn, 1963, Raised in Canarsie, Brooklyn in 1960s and 1970s, NYC Street Artist since 1982

 MARKY, in collaboration with two other artists, REVS and COST, made his mark on the New York street art scene in SoHo and Greenwich Village in the 1990s.  Between 1991 and 1995, MARKY, REVS and COST, having deep roots in graffiti culture, focused their efforts together, systematically covering Manhattan with their names and enigmatic messages.  The collaboration of MARKY, REVS and COST is often considered the most influential in the crossover of graffiti culture to contemporary street art. In many ways, it is the missing link that bridges and encompasses both subcultures.  The collaboration ended in 1995 with the arrest of COST, leading MARKY to withdraw into his studio. MARKY’s contemporary works of mixed media on canvas are assembled from various found objects, ranging from plastictoys to bullet casings. The nature of these juxtaposed objects creates contradictory relationships within their given context, perhaps revealing paradoxes of the inner self.