My art is the intersection of my inner creative spirit and the vast Texas Hill Country skies. I face driving rain, wind, scorching sun and moonlit skies to capture what I am seeing in the moment.

Survival, destruction and renewal are part of everyday life in the Texas Hill Country. These elements collide in bursts of color and contrast under a big and ever-changing sky. All of these pieces were painted starting from the top of the canvas and cascading down to the horizon. They literally descend from the sky to the land. When I am finished, I want observers to be able to feel my physical presence in the landscape through thousands of brushstrokes that melt colors into each other. 

I grew up in the Texas countryside. I have a deeply rooted belief that nature informs our thinking and actions. These paintings were all created at my Double Heart Ranch, nestled in grasslands and canyons in the middle of the Hill Country between the towns of Marble Falls and Burnet.

The Double Heart is a working Texas Longhorn ranch and family retreat. Our family’s history with Texas Longhorns goes back to the 1860’s. Today, our cattle supply some of the top breeding programs in the country. Along with the Longhorn, the ranch is home to a team
of Percheron draft horses and abundant wildlife—deer, turkey, wild hogs, coyotes, 
fox, ringtails, rattlesnakes and many more.

Over the years, we have cleared hundreds of acres of invasive cedar, restoring the native grassland, oak and Madrone trees. Our hay fields supply our needs, but when we have enough rain, we sell the rest to our friends and neighbors.

I want to extend special thanks to my husband, Lee Gaddis, for handcrafting frames for each painting at the Double Heart Ranch. I also want to thank my children, Rebecca, Ben and Sam, for encouraging me as I started painting again.

April 2016


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