“I find when I paint myself into a corner, the best ideas emerge as I find my way out."    -Cassie Jones

The Curator Gallery is proud to present Femmes Fortes, a dynamic group show featuring the work of Sonjie Feliciano Solomon, Nancy Hubbard, Cassie Jones, Lisa Pressman, Kirsten Nash and Alexa Williams. The exhibition runs from May 12 through June 25.

“The show’s focus on women artists comes directly from The Curator Gallery’s audience, who repeatedly asked ‘when are you going to do an all women artists show?’” says The Curator Gallery founder, Ann S. Moore. “In our two and a half years, we’ve done seventeen shows featuring many women artists, including two solo shows, but we’re delighted to accommodate our audience and our own desire with this exhibition showcasing six women who are exceedingly strong in both art and life.”

Femmes Fortes echoes the intention of several high-profile all-women shows currently appearing in major galleries and museums. By shining a light on the excellent work of these female artists, the gallery hopes that viewers and collectors will not only be delighted by the art, but also inspired to think more critically about the importance and under-representation of women in the art world.

Sonjie Feliciano Solomon combines the worlds of design, art and craft to create magical paintings and sculptures. Industrial design principles, tools, and materials like plexiglass and drafting paper form the basis of a rigid, calculated design process that the artist then juxtaposes with more spontaneous, natural elements (like painting with water), to yield a softer, organic, emotional result. Viewers are struck first by the ephemeral, wondrous mood her works impart, before progressing into curiosity about the process behind the work.

Nancy Hubbard’s work is a reinterpretation of landscape painting that integrates traditional materials and techniques in new and unexpected ways. By reinvigorating old world processes (like making her own gesso) and blending them with a contemporary art-making approach (like applying a lustrous layer of carnuba wax on her paintings), she expands the boundaries of the genre while exploring the mysterious pull of time and memory. Nancy conjures her landscapes from a variety of sources including music, books, cellular forms, films, and her own dreams. Nancy has appeared in five exhibitions and curated one exhibition at The Curator Gallery.

Finding inspiration in such varied subjects as fireworks, game design, fossils and snow, Cassie Jones explores the intersection of the natural world and its representation in human culture. With these sources as a jumping off point, once she begins to paint, she relies on intuition and discovery. Rather than simply repeat the forms that inspire her, she aims to diffuse, disrupt and knock them off-kilter - both by design and by chance - in order to create something new that resides in the tension between the world we know and the world within the painting. Cassie’s work previously appeared in The Curator Gallery’s inaugural exhibition in 2014.

Kirsten Nash’s paintings are simultaneously gentle and strong, with an overall effect that is undeniably beautiful. Using a pale, calming color palette, the artist combines a reductive restraint reminiscent of Agnes Martin, with personal, everyday references like flowers. The result is an exquisite tension that explores the ideas of temporality, intimacy, freedom, and happiness.

Lisa Pressman’s encaustic paintings embody a visual synthesis of stored memory.  The artist explores the idea that personal recollections, both vivid and vague, can build or decompose over time. Each painting, with its complex, layered surface, elicits a visceral response, reshaping its own new history. This is the third exhibition in which Lisa has appeared at The Curator Gallery.

Using urban industrial materials from her New York surroundings, Alexa Williams puts opposites together - from impulse and order, to organic and manmade elements. Feeling that many view construction as a stereotypically male trait, the artist makes cast concrete paintings with organic shapes in pink paint or orange chalk that evoke something chaotic and sensual, qualities that she thinks are generally considered feminine. Durability and tenderness co-exist on the concrete slab and that confluence is something the artist argues is inherent in us all. By blending the gender spectrum she hopes to illuminate a strength that evolves from the fusing of these virtues.

Strong women are a fixture of The Curator Gallery, which regularly hosts special events for women’s groups, including alumni organizations, employee resource groups at technology and financial companies, and networking groups of venture capitalists.

Founded and underwritten by Ann S. Moore, the retired Chairman and CEO of Time Inc. and a lifelong champion of women’s leadership, The Curator Gallery’s mission is to bring exposure to hardworking artists, as well as to educate and expand the pool of engaged, serious collectors.

For more information, please contact Kris Connell at kris@thecuratorgallery or (212) 243-1806.