Diane Tate DallasKidd


DallasKidd_Artist Photo.jpg

Upon graduating from SF State University with a BFA in Textile Art, Diane traveled to Japan to study under Tsuyoshi Kuno, a 4th generation dyer. Mr. Kuno and his studio use traditional techniques in inventive ways to create cutting edge textiles for high-end fashion designers. Having the opportunity to work alongside artisans with an experimental slant and dedication to process informed much of Diane’s approach.

Diane is continually motivated to draw something new and unexpected from the medium at hand, folding paper to delineate planes of space in her paintings on wood, painting singular threads and suspending them to create ethereal forms. She often begins her exploration with a feeling more so than a fixed outcome in mind. Her resulting works are textural and dimensional, echoing patterns and shapes found in the natural and urban landscape. Diane lives and works in San Francisco.