Clint Fulkerson

Like any number of natural forms whose complex structures can be modeled through the use of fractals, Clint Fulkerson’s drawings and paintings start with a simple geometric shape that repeats itself in self-similar patterns – each shape slightly larger or smaller than the last – to create mesmerizing tableaus of form and space. Reminiscent of early Renaissance perspective drawings by Piero or Uccello, or the wireframe drawings used today in computer generated imagery, Fulkerson employs his own version of this graphic language to create his signature compositions of obsessively drawn, improvisational, and volumetric designs. By manifesting this idea across a range of different sizes and media, from works on paper to murals, Fulkerson’s work parallels the generative principle of repeating forms found at all scales in the natural world – from the cosmic to the infinitesimal--to create his intricate, prolific, and visionary art.

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