Watercolor Class Supply List

The Curator Gallery provides students with everything they need for class, but should you wish to continue painting on your own, here is a recommended list of supplies:

Paper: Arches Cold Press 140lb

TheCuratorGallery watercolorclassessmall.jpg

For Paint, we recommend using professional grade tubes. The colors we use in class are:
·      Quinacridone Red
·      Cadmium Red
·      Burnt Sienna
·      Cadmium Yellow
·      Prussian Green
·      Ultramarine Blue
·      Cerulean Blue
·      Payne’s Gray

Good quality brushes are important, but you don't need to buy the most expensive ones to start out. We recommend moderately priced brands such as Princeton or Loew-Cornell.
The brush sizes we use in class are: 
·      #4 Round
·      #8 Round
·      ½” Wash
·      1” Wash

Miscellaneous Supplies: 
·      2H or H Pencil
·      Kneaded Eraser
·      Plastic cup for water
·      A plastic palette 
·      Rags or paper towels

All of these supplies can be purchased at Dick Blick, Utrecht, or your local art supply store. 

If you have any questions, please contact The Curator Gallery at info@thecuratorgallery.com.