Away We Go: Emerging Brooklyn Artists 

May 29 - July 12, 2014

Curated by 3walls

Charlotte Evans,  Paddle

Charlotte Evans, Paddle

Nils Folke Anderson, Charlotte Evans, Nancy Hubbard, Darryl Hudak, Alexandra Posen, and Jonathan Smith. 

The Curator Gallery is proud to present Away We Go, a group exhibition featuring the work of six Brooklyn-based artists.  Curated by 3walls, this show exemplifies the type of dynamic, intriguing work being made by artists in Brooklyn right now.  Aside from their geographic location, these artists are brought together by the innovative ways in which they manipulate their respective mediums, as well as the way they challenge viewers to interpret their work beyond the literal sense.

Charlotte Evans’ oil paintings explore the pleasant nostalgia of memories, combining gestural figures with exaggerated colors and distorted scenery. Darryl Hudak has the ability to find inspiration in even the most mundane found objects.  Working intuitively, he uses his extraordinary eye for color to create dynamic mixed media works on paper. Alexandra Posen’s delicate encaustics suggest portraiture, a recognition that is pushed further by a notable name on each piece. Nils Folke Anderson’s wood sculptures are dynamic and ever-changing. In both his two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, he explores the ways in which colors react to each other. Nancy Hubbard draws upon her background in art conservancy, layering traditional materials such as gesso, carnauba wax, and charcoal to reinterpret the traditional landscape. Her desolate work comments on the nature of change, and the passage of time and memory. Jonathan Smith, traditionally a landscape photographer, manipulates the scenery of Iceland in his latest body of work. By using a long exposure, he obscures each scene’s horizon line, creating abstract landscapes which could be mistaken for paintings. 

3Walls is a contemporary salon dedicated to exhibiting new work by emerging artists.  With pop-up shows in New York, 3Walls seeks to create an intimate salon-like atmosphere to encourage and exchange ideas between artists and patrons.  They promote artists who work in various media and who have achieved a high level of excellence. 

The Curator Gallery is a fine art gallery located in Chelsea.  Using guest curators, the gallery exhibits works on paper, paintings, photography, and sculpture by emerging and mid-career artists.  The Gallery’s mission is to bring exposure to hardworking artists, as well as to educate and expand the pool of engaged, serious collectors.

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