The Curator Gallery is pleased to present Almost Black and White, a group exhibition featuring the work of three abstract artists: Laura Duerwald, Diane Tate DallasKidd, and Douglas Witmer, who all work with minimal palettes.

Laura Duerwald’s paintings are not actually painted; they are constructed out of materials - paper, graphite, linen, wax - through an intuitive process of addition and subtraction. They employ an acute sensitivity to the character of each material, and the poetic possibilities of their various combinations. The folds and tears form the foundation of a geometry that references a longtime fascination with natural formations, charts, topography, stitching, and African or Asian textiles. Laura lives and works in the foothills of the Endless Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania.

 Diane Tate DallasKidd is a painter and a textile artist. After receiving a BFA in Textile Art, Diane traveled to Japan to study under Tsuyoshi Kuno. Working alongside artisans with an experimental slant and dedication to process has informed much of Diane’s approach. She is continually motivated to draw something new and unexpected from the medium at hand, folding paper to delineate planes of space in her paintings on wood as well as painting singular threads and suspending them to create ethereal forms. Her works are textural and dimensional, echoing patterns and shapes found in the natural and urban landscape.  Diane lives and works in San Francisco.

Douglas Witmer’s paintings are works of gesso and acrylic on canvas, some of which are completely black and white and others include a plane of color. He sees his work as offering a “clear alternative in a visual culture dominated by speed layering, and complexity.”  He hopes that his work can activate “the sense that you simply feel yourself seeing.”  This speaks to the artist’s personal history, having been raised in the Mennonite culture of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with deep connections to simplicity, peacemaking, and humility. Douglas lives and works in Philadelphia.

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