Alexa Williams

Alexa Williams’ concrete paintings reference a sense of place and the tension between control and happenstance. Although she has worked in diverse media, her current use of industrial materials, including cement, construction chalk, spray paint, and graphite, reflects her New York surroundings. Her landscape imagery is composed in the materials of urban life to expose tenderness in a durable and bold world. Native New Yorker and Brooklyn resident, Williams first began to create landscapes while living in Spain. She exhibits frequently in New York, including recent shows at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Gallery Brooklyn, and Giacobetti Paul Gallery.

Using the urban industrial materials from my New York surroundings, I am pairing impulse and order, organic and manmade elements. Where society places value on construction as a male trait, I make cast concrete paintings with organic shapes in pink paint or orange chalk that evoke something chaotic and sensual, qualities that are generally considered feminine. Durability and tenderness co-exist on the concrete slab and that confluence is something I argue is inherent in us all. By blending the gender spectrum I am hoping to illuminate a strength that evolves from the fusing of these virtues.